Jelly Bean Photography Backdrop

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So adorable!  Great for your Easter sessions.

This drop comes in beautiful wrinkle free fabric, and is available in the following sizes:

50x60 Jersey Fabric

60x80 Fleece Fabric

8'x8' Jersey Fabric

Design is printed horizontally.

Fabric Backdrop Details:
- 50x60 and 8'x8' drops come in a Jersey Fabric material.
- 60x80 drops come in a Fleece Fabric material.
- Hang by using clamps or pinning / taping to the wall (note that only the 8'x8' size comes with a pocket)
- All our fabric drops are virtually wrinkle free.  Just before use, if there are any wrinkles, throw the drops in the dryer with a damp towel for a few minutes OR steam the drops and any wrinkles will easily come out.  Easy to store and GLARE FREE!

-Wrinkle free fabrics are washable and can be stored folded.  Upon arrival, or after being stored folded, there may be slight creases.  To get them out, you can either steam the backdrop, or throw it in the dryer with a damp towel for 10 minutes.  The slight creases will come right out.  The drops are also washable in cold water (no bleach).  To dry, use delicate/low setting.

NOTE - this backdrop is available in Vinyl as well, through our etsy page.  Discounts offered on this website are not available on etsy, as our vinyl is already offered at a low price.

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